All our vehicles are insured, they have all needed permits and are made for your comfort.

They all include:

  • Comfortable seats that include armrests, and recliner.
  • Luggage racks above the seats where passengers can access their carry-on baggage during the journey
  • Baggage holds, accessed from outside the vehicle, under the main floor or at the rear, where passengers’ luggage can be stowed away from the seating area.
  • Passenger service units, mounted overhead, on which personal reading lights and air conditioning ducts can be controlled and used by individual passengers with little disturbance to other passengers.
  • On-board rest rooms fitted with chemical toilets, hand basins, and hand sanitizer.
  • On some buses and if needed or asked, on-board entertainment including movies may be shown to our passengers.
  • On-board ice coolers (If needed and/or asked)
  • Wheelchair accommodation, including a wheelchair lift for access (In bigger units).
  • All Costa Rica Government permits
  • All Cover Insurances

We take good care of our units and with the COVID-19 pandemic we have improved our cleansing measures, and count with water and soap as well as gel alcohol on all our units.

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