GioTours has a first and last name: Gian Carlo Granados, who decided to give the chance for passengers to contact the locals and being able to enjoy tours in Puntarenas without having to pay the extra for the middle man.

Giancarlo Granados is the founder and owner of GioTours. He is a dedicated family man and a proud costarrican tour guide. However, in order to really know a little about him, you have to know a bit his story…

Gian Carlo says, with a smile, that he has always been a wanderer… Wanderers are sort of different people, are, somehow, people that are open to Life and all its gifts. He was raised in a community pretty close to San José, however, whenever he could he would go further out of the region always wanting to see more and know more.

As he grew up he knew with all certainty that this was his passion and life path and entered one of the most prestigious universities of Costa Rica to study tourism.

After he had his University certificate in his hands he knew that his passion was not sitting in an office creating tours on a piece of paper or a computer screen… but being with the passengers, living and experiencing what he was creating for them.

This is how he became a tour guide. He toured guided for ten years, but he kept on dreaming about doing things his way, since every now and then he wanted to give more than what he was allowed to give in the agencies he worked for.

And that is when and how Gio Tours was born. A Travel Agency and Tour Operator dedicated 100% to a very personalized service that is always striving to give more to the passengers.

He is the father of three children and happily married, and his family shares and enjoys his passion for traveling, involving as much as the can in the family business… They go with him to try the different tours and experience the adrenaline of the adventures or the tranquility of the beautiful places. But much more than that… He has taught them to respect and love their country as for Gian Carlo the ultimate gift of his carrier is to be an ambassador of an amazing country.

Our Guides:

For GioTours the tour guides are the key to the top satisfaction of his costumers. He would love to be the guide for all his tours as he loves so much his country.

However since he can only guide one tour at the time, he hires people that can live the values of the company.

Passion, integrity, loyalty, enthusiasm, a real compromise with conservation, and a true love for Costa Rica are some of the characteristics that a tour guide must have in order to work for him. This, together with punctuality, respect, charisma, and a capacity to explain the information in an entertained, comprehensive yet accurate way.

Costa Rica is an amazing country. From inside out.

Its natural beauty is only surpassed by the inner beauty of its people.

Our highest mission is to make our visitors consciouss of both of these, since one cannot be full without the other.

GioTours vision is to get the continuous smiles from our visitors. Not only while in Costa Rica but as they remember their visit to our country.

Our highest vision is to be one of the main causes for people to want to come back to experience in a long way the beauty and the wisdom of Costa Rica.

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