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If you like mystical environments with a touch of magic in their nature, and you like, on top of that, to learn about rainforest, conservation, and environmental education… then, this tour is for you!

Monteverde Cloud Forest and Coffee Tour starts when you leave the port of call and get into the Panamerican Highway seeing different landscapes as you go along, as it happens all throughout this small country, the biodiversity of Costa Rica shows itself everywhere. You will detour from the main road and get into an area of cattle fields, small towns, and agriculture… up until…

You get to THE road to Monteverde.

The road to Monteverde is preceded by its reputation… as a way to defend their area, the descendants of the original Quakers that came here in the ’50s, decided to protect their paradise from massive tourism by not paving the roads that access the region. In a country and area where the pouring rains turn dust into the mud in a blink, this defense worked for many years… But the beauty of the area exceeds the idea and Monteverde is one of the most visited destinations of Costa Rica.

And you will see why as you arrive at the Cloud Forest.

The area where you have the first contact with this magical sort of rainforest has 6 bridges in total… some of them right in the canopy… some of them over the jungle. This is so great to see wildlife! Birds, monkeys, or even the reluctant Resplendent Quetzal, the most beautiful bird of the tropics can be watched from these areas when you are lucky… and even if the only birds you watch are the elusive swallows, the views from the top are extraordinary.

As you come out of this enchanting and enchanted forest you will travel to a lower area in Monteverde to enjoy the fun, the learning, and the discovery of coffee, chocolate, and sugar. Since what comes next is Don Juan Coffee Tour.

Don Juan has been producing coffee since 1937. He is a real Costa Rican campesino (Peasant) and throughout the years has developed ways to produce and process the golden bean to make it an export quality product and a most delicious and sustainable beverage.

So, if you are into the culture of Costa Rica, and want to learn in a hands-on experience, definitely this tour is for you! You will not only see an oxcart, you get the chance to ride on one, you are not going to merely see the coffee pickers (In season) but become one of them.

The knowledge will expand, but also your joy! This tour will take you through the innermost secrets of coffee and Costa Rican culture and way of being.

After you finish this great tour you will be taken for a delicious healthy lunch as a part of the tour and then, back to the pier with smiles in your heart and face.

What to bring?

  • In terms of shoes… Closed shoes, hopefully walking or hiking. No flipflops.
  • No short pants are recommended since it can get chilly and rainy. Temperature falls sometimes to 60 F.
  • Repellent and Sunscreen. You will be in the rainforest, and in the tropics. And even if under the canopy (In the forest) the UV tropical sun rays trespass anything. On the other hand, mosquitoes are the lords and owners of the rainforest. You are a visitor. So, simply wear your repellent.
  • Camera, and enough memory in it!
  • If you want to bring a rain jacket is fine. Rain ponchos are recommended.
  • Binoculars are really advised. Every now and then there are amazing wonders up in the canopy… the Resplendent Quetzal, the Bell Bird, and even monkeys can be common visitors in the same trails that we use.
  • And certainly… Your appetite and credit cards! Shopping in these areas is quite unique.
Euros may present a slighter problem sometimes.

What is included?

  • Luxurious Transportation
  • Bilingual Specialized Tour Guide
  • Monteverde Cloud Forest Entrance Fee
  • Delicious Costa Rican local Lunch
  • Coffee Tour Entrance Fee
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