Adrenaline! That’s what this tour is about… And beauty, and wildlife, and amazing views!

The rainforest is a magnificent life system. Not only interesting and indispensable for the life in the planet, but it is so beautiful! And it is on the tops of the trees where life is at its best!

From the insects to the mammals, the greatest place to see the rainforest is definitely its canopy… And the best way to fly like a raptor is definitely through a rainforest.

Flying  through the tops of the trees on the jungle might be one of the most memorable experiences of your life. The wind on your face, the emptiness underneath, the freedom feeling and the breathtaking views make the Canopy Tours an indispensable life experience.

Now… this incredible feeling is accompanied with the highest safety for you: The equipment is 100% certified for adventure tours, and we use some of the best brands in the business and care for the equipment on a day-to-day basis, as well as maintaining daily tabs to control the use of the equipment.

The main cables are ½ “, which exceed the regular standards of 3/8” and our platforms are an average of 7×7 feet in diameter and can handle more than 15 people at once.

What is included?

    • Luxurious Transportation
    • Bilingual Specialized Tour Guide
    • All gear and canopy guides
    • Insurance

What to bring?

    • In terms of shoes… Closed shoes, hopefully walking or hiking. No flipflops.
    • No short pants are recommended because of the harnesses
    • Repellent and Sunscreen.  You will be in the rainforest, and in the tropics. And even if  under the canopy (In the forest) the UV tropical sun rays trespass anything. On the other hand, mosquitoes are the lords and owners of the rainforest. You are a visitor. So, simply wear your repellent.
    • Camera, and enough memory in it!
    • If you want to bring a rain jacket is fine. Rain ponchos are recommended.
    • Binoculars are really advised. Every now and then there are amzing wonders up in the canopy..
    • If long hair, indispensable: Bring a pony tail!
    And certainly… Your appetite and credit cards! The shopping in these areas is quite unique.
     Euros may present a slighter problem sometimes.
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