Costa Rica… When you heard your cruise was passing by Costa Rica, probably it made you think about rainforest, wildlife, green mountains… Maybe it was a thought of a palm tree, white sand and turquoise waters.  And well yes, we got that.

But Costa Rica is so much more.

It is a small country, about the size of West Virginia, however it holds 5% of the total life in the planet.

It is a small country, with less than 5 million people, however is the only country on the Western Hemisphere without an army or military of any kind for more than 60 years.

Costa Rica holds a life expectancy beyond the US, with 79,32 (US is 78,64)

Costa Rica has a literacy rate of 96%, 99% of the population has electricity and piped water.

And now… yes! If we talk about biodiversity, we could give you some numbers!:

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Costa Rica has approximately 900 bird species, Plant Species: 9000, Insect Species: 34,000, Mammalian Species: 205, Reptilian Species: 220, Amphibian Species: 160…

However that might not tell you much… it’s all numbers right? …

But what if we tell you that in the country, a bit smaller than West Virginia only in hummingbirds there are 52 species?

Now… you may ask… “What’s in all of that for me?”…

Well, the big answer is that it is a country where all of this is at the reach of your hand!

With a large amount of microclimates, and a fantastic range of different landscapes Costa Rica is a country where you can really get to see a lot in a day.

Getting to your port of call Costa Rica and GioTours is prepared for you to check a big chunk of all this magnificent abundance, as you can check in our tours, all of them have more than one feature, since it is hard, in Costa Rica not to go check a bit more of this great country.

So! Don’t miss the chance of visiting this unique region of the World, happy and gentle people in splendid settings will be waiting for you!

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