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Pacific Coast Shore Excursions

8 in 1 Tour Real Affordable Highlights of Costa Rica

The most popular and affordable shore excursion

The one tour we do recommend the most is definitely, and by far the best way to see the Highlights of Costa Rica. It is a tour that gathers everything: The culture, the wildlife, the adventure and the history of Costa Rica.  So if you are wondering about the best tour in Puntarenas… Probably this is it!  Good price, wildlife and the best attention!
It is a whole day that you will enjoy tremendously. And the best choice in Puntarenas!

**This tour is available for all ships with a minimum of two passengers!

Coffee and Oxcarts, the Real Costa Rica Shore Excursion

Flowers and machines combine in this journey where humans tamed the wild and made it possible for us to enjoy. At the end… -and with a smile-  coffee will forever, taste, smell, and feel different.

From the processing plant and the 630 acres that originate the magical beverage, you will be driven through a winding road passing by areas full of trees, plantations and well cared towns and getting into a zone where tradition and love for beauty has settled and make a living.

Monteverde Enchanting Cloud Forest and Butterflies Garden

Think about all your thoughts on the rainforest. The green huge trees, the ivies, the butterlies and birds, the mosquitoes, the giant moss carpets, the huge ferns, the humidity, the heat… Now, remove mosquitoes and heat and put some mystery,  the magic of foggy light in the trees… and you got Monteverde Cloud Forest! Out of the Puntarenas Tours, the Monteverde area is the most magical and mystical of them all.

Monteverde Cloud Forest is an amazing area prepared to be the highlight of your cruise!

Amazing Crocodile River Safari and Canopy Tour Shore Excursion

Adventure in Costa Rica! Combining wilderness with ziplining through the rainforest is a great idea! Having an encounter with a huge American Crocodile can be an adrenaline pump… that’s what you think!

However the real one comes hours later when flying like a hawk, over the tops of the trees! Adventure Tours in Puntarenas will make you smile and laugh, and the life sensation in your body will be with you forever!

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Pacific Coast Shore Excursions

Caribbean Coast Shore Excursions

6 in 1 Tour Real affordable Caribbean Highlights of Costa Rica

The most popular and affordable shore excursion on the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica

  • Luxurious Transportation
  • Bilingual Specialized Tour Guide
  • Fruit Tasting Experience
  • Wagon Rainforest Experience
  • Banana Plantation
  • Tortuguero Canals Boat Safari
  • Playa Bonita Beach
  • Limon Port Sightseeing

Veragua Rainforest and Banana Plantation

  • Luxurious Transportation
  • Bilingual Specialized Tour Guide
  • Veragua Rainforest, Tram, Research Station and Trails.
  • Banana Plantation Visit

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Tortuguero Canals, Rainforest and Banana Plantation

  • Luxurious Transportation
  • Bilingual Specialized Tour Guide
  • Tortuguero Canals and Rainforest Boat Tour
  • Banana Plantation Visit

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Caribbean Coast Shore Excursions

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Testimonials of our passengers

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5 Reasons to enjoy your shore excursion with Giotours:

5 Reasons to choose Giotours: 

1: EXCLUSIVE TOURS: Best way to enjoy a tour, either taking Puntarenas Shore Excursions or Limon Shore Excursions is to be with your own party with a super personalized service, guide and driver. And see the real Costa Rica! The places where large groups don’t go, the regions that big companies don’t visit. Tours in Puntarenas and Limon can be so thrilling! And so different from the usual!

2. BETTER PRICES: We can give you the best tours for the best rates, in Puntarenas as in Limon. We don’t show our rates because we can negotiate them. Ask what you want and we can talk. Puntarenas Tours or Tours in Limon don’t have to be expensive, to take a good price tour with a good valu, please contact us! You will not regret it!

3. LUXURY TRANSPORTATION: Be comfortable while enjoying a great shore excursion in Puntarenas or Limon. In both ports of call you will find all sorts of buses. In ours you will have great comfort and advantages as you can read in our Transportation page. The Puntarenas tours as well as the Limon Tours are done the most comfortable of vehicles

4. SMALL GROUPS: Big buses, big groups. One guide amongst fifty people, make a line to zipline, make a line to eat, make a line to get in the boat, make a line to try the fruit.. Wait twenty minutes for the whole bus to come down… wait thirty while the rest of the group gets to the bus… be rushed, and then wait… Have you ever lived that?  Well! With Giotours you simply avoid all that and do things at your own pace, with a smile on your face and the vacation in your heart. Small groups are the best way to enjoy an excursion in Costa Rica!

5. CERTIFIED BY THE COSTA RICA TOURISM BOARD: There are tons of companies, huge companies, small companies, tiny one person companies. And they might all be honest, punctual and efficient… However, the certification by the Costa Rica Tourism Board will tell you the level of seriousness involved in the company. We are certified, because we are compromised with your safety and your fun.

 We are here for you! Write or call, we are ready to talk and fill your needs while in Costa Rica!

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