Who doesn’t love to rest over white sand with a shiny and beautiful blue water in front? Well, Cahuita is one of the best places where to delight in that and way, way more things to see and do. This post will be focusing on this beautiful and impressive place, who’s magic has given incredible sights for each and one of its lovely visitors.

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A conserved paradise;

This wild and protected area was created back in September of 1970, to protect the most important coral reef in the Costa Rican Caribbean. This means that you can do everything that you do in a museum, you can see and not to touch nor go to the forbidden areas, and, as an extra you can get you self a good sunbath and maybe, if you are up for it, relax on the beach with a paradisiac landscape or well, do some paddling of kayaking over crystal clear water.

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National Park Cahuita:

The name, Cahuita, comes from the terms ‘Kawe’ that means ‘Sangrillo’ (A tree in the area) and ‘Ta’ which means ‘tip’, so we get ‘tip of Sangrillo’.

This National Park counts with 23,290 hectares of marine coverture and 1,102 ha terrestrials which give lots of space for lots of relaxing, exploration, and fun! In this territory, there is a huge set of ecosystems like the coral reefs, that for its structure and diversity are considered one of the most developed in the Costa Rican Caribbean.

The area offers snorkeling and diving tours for you to discover the wonders of the area.

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Fauna and Flora

Associated with this system there has been a great development in species diversity; fishes, crustaceans, invertebrates, between a few. And Flora with lots of seagrass and algae.

Inland, there are sets of mangroves, forests underwater and the humid tropical forest, homes of lots of mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and birds.

The most common species of mammals are; howler monkeys, white face monkeys, sloths, and Pizotes.

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What you can do and see:

Swimming and walking, by discovering nature along the trail, snorkeling on a marine trail, listening to the sounds of nature, jumping, beach football or volleyball, perform different exercises on the beach and non-profit artistic and cultural demonstrations.

Cahuita Point Trail it’s located parallel to the coast, between the northwest limit of the park (Kelly Creek river) and the sector of the silver port Vargas. The first path of the trail and the one with the greatest intensity of use is the one that extends between the limit of the Park and the river Suarez, with 1,500 m. It allows visitors to enter the beach for the enjoyment of activities of swimming and rest under the almond trees of silver or to sunbathe.

Another section of the trail that is used by people who like to walk to get the landscape and aspects of biodiversity is located between the river Suarez and Punta Cahuita, with 2,334 m; This means that you have the potential to walk 7.2 km from the northeast limit of the Park (round trip). This part of the trail overlooks the flora and fauna of the park since there are no suitable places for beach activities.

The last part of the trail is the one that runs parallel to the coast from Punta Cahuita to Puerto Vargas with 2100 m, which has a lower intensity of use. It crosses the tropical rainforest where you can see a stand of Sangrillo with lush trees.

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Something else?

Cahuita National Park a jewel for those looking for biodiversity, adventure, and relaxation. Is truly a place of wonder that you can visit with us, GioTours, if you would like more information you are welcome to click here or as well go to the contact us page on the top and send us an email with your available dates for us to give the best of Costa Rica!

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