Deciding on a destination is always complicated. As usually happens on trips of more than two weeks, since you can usually only do one a year and the budget is usually higher than the rest, you need to be sure of which is the best option to fulfill your needs. In this post, we will tell you some tips that can help to value Costa Rica as an interesting travel option.

If you like sports and nature you will not be able to separate this destination from your schedule. Here are some keys that you should keep in mind before going to Costa Rica.

1) Transportation

Hiace-TA-Frente-y-lado-izquierdoWhat at first was a problem, like that many roads were directly forest tracks, is now one of the attractions of Costa Rica! Being able to travel the country in an all-terrain “playing” with the vehicle made traveling times fun. If you have to travel in this kind of terrain, we recommend you travel the country in this way. Or as well, you can take one of our tours, which go through the most beautiful places of the land.

For more information, we have a blog post that can help you with your questions, you can click here.

2) Fauna

On arrival, you will be surprised from minute one. This trip can allow you to see so many animals in the wild, without looking for them. You can also exploit this aspect by doing some special output such as a night excursion to the jungle or sailing at night through the Tortuguero canals. With a good lens, you will take incredible photos.Serpiente desde arriba

3) Security

Costa Rica is a country that has no army and was one of the first nations to abolish it in 1948. Thanks to this you don’t have any problem crossing the country in all-terrain for all kinds of places. Another detail is a large number of U.S citizens out there. It is the first country of origin in terms of travelers and for both U.S citizens to decide to travel there has a lot to do with security. There is also a lot of U.S. companies installed here.

4) The people

Costa Ricans are kind and aware of the role that nature plays as a means of subsistence. There is a complete post, which includes all the information necessary for you to know our culture, you can click here

5) Sports

Costa Rica Culture
Costa Rica Culture

In a country with so much nature, it is very easy to find excuses to do sport. You can trek through well-marked paths or fly through the clouds with the canopy. And we say fly as that is exactly what you can feel as you glide over a valley between two mountains crossing through low clouds.

6) Services

Costa Rica is prepared for tourism. This means that you can find affordable accommodations or extraordinary hotels. Except for some example, some had integrated very well in the middle enhancing the sensations of nature’s experience.

7) Extension of the country

The fact that it is a small country with so much diversity puts all this diversity in the hands of your driver and guide. You can really travel all the corners of the country without the need for airplanes or any means of transport like trains, etc. This fact gives you freedom of movement that everyone would like to have on any trip.

8) Landscapes

Costa Rica has more than 30% of its territory formed by natural parks or protected territory. It really is a great example of a country that has been able to take advantage of the natural resources that have to exploit. The natural spaces are scattered throughout its geography making possible a true route of parks.Reptil desde arriba

In Costa Rica, we can find many types of nature. There are rainforest and humid forests like Monteverde, volcanoes roaring every few minutes like in Arenal, the jungle at the foot of the sea in Manuel Antonio, rivers that play to the lookout in Tortuguero. (2012, 1 February 2012). Motivos para viajar a Costa Rica. [Weblog]. Retrieved 7 February 2017, from
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