Most of the people that have visited us, here in Costa Rica, have heard or visit, at least once, the Arenal Volcano area. The volcano was once tremendously active, and until 2010 it was famous for its lava slides pictures.

Back in the day, when La Fortuna was a tiny village with gravel roads, the access was cleared because of the electricity company at the Arenal Lake hydroelectric dam, and wherever there is a dam, there is a fantastic road to it. La Fortuna was then a small village, untouched by the volcano and had just one little wooden hotel and a smaller restaurant. Because of the volcano eruptions, people came to see it, and the one-day trips from San José started. The tours lasted around 12 to 14 hours, and they were sitting on a rock until the volcano erupts and come back.

Then, one restaurant opened, and little by little the area started to flourish, and hotels and tourist centers began their construction. The region then went full will all sorts of accommodations, activities, and everything with the thrill of the volcano erupting at any time, when it did, the tourist would stop whatever they were doing to see it, zip-lining, hiking, or even in the hot springs.

Until in 2010, the volcano stopped, and it fell asleep, and it can be that way for a few years? or hundreds! There no really a way to know. So, the main attraction stopped. However, the area itself turned to be some of the most fantastic places to visit in Costa Rica!

Wildlife Sighting River Floating Tours: The rivers in the region have a lot of wildlife sightings and gorgeous landscapes.

Waterfall Rappelling: There are about three different tours, all of them incredible, safe, beautiful, and in primary forests.

Horseback: This is an area of cowboys; this activity is a must!

Hanging Bridges: There are two places to visit, both wide and safe hanging bridges in the canopy of the forest.

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Organic Touristic Farms: There is a great abundance of products in the super fertile soil the organic farms.

In the area, you may find:

Hot Springs: The are At least five projects, from heavenly calmed to party, noise, and water slides.

Ziplines: There are at least ten canopies? that can be done in the area.

Rafting: from Class III to Class V.

Rainforest Hikes: Again, there are everywhere! The rainforest in the Arenal area is one of the most diverse in the country.

Bird Watching: In the zone, there are over 340 species of birds, from super colorful or even the smaller ones as hummingbirds.

Spas: There are just a lot! Almost every hotel has one, this is one of the gifts of the area.

Arenal Waterfall: It’s a gorgeous and pristine waterfall in the midst of the primary rainforest. You have to go down dozens and dozens of steps, but the view and swimming in its pond are worth it!

There are many more things to do in the area! From Paddleboarding and windsurfing in the lake to rainforest aerial tram and river tubing to pineapple and chocolate tours. However, we are listing the most popular. Come and visit this area with us and speak with one of our representatives to start your itinerary.

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