Among the birds you can find in Costa Rica, there are many well known, like the Resplendent Quetzal or the toucans. However, there are some beautiful species not as famous, but certainly remarkable. Find a list of eight here.


Among the memorable experiences of exploring Costa Rica are encounters with birds that possess a high amount of stunning colors and a repertoire of the most beautiful natural sounds of the world.

Costa Rica is a small country in comparison to the rest of the world, and inside their incredible jungles, breathtaking rivers, and impressive wildlife, we have more than 904 bird species running free all over the country.

1. Bare Throated Tiger Heron


This bird is large, elegantly marked Heron of the Caribbean; it can be at the Pacific marshes, lakes, streams, rivers, mangrove lagoons, and, of course, the Caribbean shore. Among the best places to spot one of these magnificent birds are the Tortuguero canals; magical places that you can visit on a boat, or if you are more of an adventurer and love the silence; in a kayak.

These birds are water animals, and their preys usually include small fish and frogs, they often stand quietly over a branch, waiting for their prey to appear; any movement could be deadly for the little fellow.

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  1. Boat-Billed Heron


This is probably the most notable heron in all over Costa Rica; it has a massive, broad sensitive bill, and enormous eyes. It is a medium-sized bird, and it occupies the Caribbean and Pacific lowland in habitat with and slow-moving waters. Their large eyes are an adaptation for hunting in shallow water in the dark. It is found in small, noisy colonies, usually heard before they are seen.

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3. Turkey Vulture


Yes, a vulture is on our list.

A blackbird with a bare red head that may be soaring all over Costa Rica, from the beach to the highest peaks all over the land. Although usually not appreciated by humans, vultures are fascinating. This vulture is one of the few birds with a well-developed sense of smell. It will often fly over the forest to locate the carcasses of dead animals.

The large surface of the wings compared to the relatively light bodyweight allows a Turkey Vulture to Soar for hours without flapping its wings, and by these mean stays in Costa Rica.

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4. Laughing Falcon


They perch upon the top of the trees and their call reminds you of laughter. You will always hear it first as it is loud and very distinctive.

This Laughing Falcon is an unforgettable raptor in Costa Rica. These falcons lay their eggs in a large tree cavity, a cavity on a cliff face, or in an abandoned hawk nest. After hatching, the young protected by one adult while the other parent catches snakes and brings them to the nest.

These birds can be seen in Tortuguero, and they are about 17 and 20 inches, with a weight of a pound.

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5. Scarlet Macaw


This is one of the most remarkable and attractive birds in Costa Rica. It has a large size and incredible colors; blue, red, yellow, and white. They are usually heard before seen. This species is ruthlessly endangered by people who have taken the bird from the wild to use it as a pet.

In Costa Rica, this is a protected species and it is once again possible to see them in flight around Puntarenas and Limon, two provinces of Costa Rica. They usually live in a dry, moist, and wet tropical lowland forest.

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6. Great Potoo


The great potoo is found across a broad range of lowland a middle-elevation.

It is a pale-gay-brown bird, and its voice is a deep, clear, plaintive whistle, often heard on moonlit nights, its nest is a shallow knothole at an elbow in an ascending, limb or a slight depression at the top of a stub.

Its most unusual feature is how it looks like a branch on the trees. Hard to see, only really experienced eyes can spot it, and show it.

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7. Violet Sabrewing


The Purple Sabrewing is one of the giant hummingbirds in Costa Rica, and a species of foothills and middle elevation forests. The male has a bluish violet on the head, back and upper chest, and has a long tail with conspicuous white spots on the outer edges. The female back is green, the breast is gray, the gorget is blue, and the tail is similar to that of the mail.

They are usually 6 inches, and it is a permanent resident of Costa Rica, their habitats range from southern Mexico to western Panama.

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8. Amazon Kingfisher


Six Kingfisher species can be found in the Americas, and you can find them all in Costa Rica. They are almost a foot long; the Ringed Kingfisher is the largest of them all, however in the dark green kingfishers, the most remarkable is the Amazon Kingfisher it has a long, thick bill. They can be found along the Caribbean and Pacific slopes. Their length is about eleven inches, and it perches or hovers above the water to spot his a quarry and dives headfirst to capture fish.

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