8 in 1! Costa Rica is a magnificent country, small but with great wonder. You can go from one ocean to the other one in one day by car without any kind of problem in one, but that’s exactly the reason why this tour was created.

When you get on a cruise ship, you have one day to enjoy the country, and there’s always a lot of points on the shore, but what about everything else? Well, this is where the tour enters, without any single doubt this is the way to get your time spend right. Eight attractions, eight wonders to enjoy from a beautiful country and all of them in here; the 8 in 1 tour.

As soon as you get one foot out of the cruise the adventure begins, a bus comes all the way to the ship, and you get an expert on Costa Rican Matters, a tour guide. He or she will be able to tell you to show you about the highlights and points of interest that we all want to discover. The tour guide will give you some details about the history of Costa Rica, how we become a nation, and all of it is not even consider one of the numbers in the 8 in 1, it just comes with the trip.

  1. White-faced MonkeysCariblanco-300x225

You arrive at a little reserve and as soon you come out of the bus you can see the monkeys running around. It’s a marvelous experience in where you see the real wildlife of Costa Rica, the first step on the 8 in 1 schedule. The tour guide will be able to show you the alpha male and all of his troops running around and on top of the trees. A spectacular show that you are able to witness on the 8 in 1 tour.

  1. Fruit stop

Thank you to the beautiful land of the tropical countries for the immense variety of fruit that we have. There is a little stop in the row where you will be able to check how the fruits are sold around the country and if you have some extra cash in your wallet, you will be able to taste them as much as you like. There is a huge amount of fruits in Costa Rica, and you cannot forgive yourself for not trying to taste all of them. With such a range of flavors and textures you can call it; a gastronomic adventure.Mel?n-300x225

  1. Tarcoles River

Have you ever seen crocodiles? Well, here you go. One of the points in the 8 in one tour is the crocodiles under a bridge. Costa Rica is such a biodiverse country that you will be able to see this prehistoric animal just below your feet’s trying to catch some sun and if the expedition is lucky enough, you can see them swim.

  1. Lunch

Just after the exciting experience of the crocodiles, you start getting hungry and get ready for the food. You will stop at a local restaurant that will give the ultimate experience on Costa Rican food by eating rice, beans, salad, plantain, and the meat of your choice, pork, meat, fish, or chicken. Now, if you are a vegetarian, there is also a menu for you where you can take some Costa Rican boiled vegetables that will melt your mouth.

  1. Point of view

As you know, you will be getting to the Puntarenas province of Costa Rica, which has a city and amazing beaches all around. The Pacific, in Costa Rica, where all the activity is, and you can see all of that from the distance is a magnificent point of view in a mountain. Why is this highlight in the 8 in 1 tour? Because you will be able to see the whole shore, the town, and the impressive forest that surrounds everything. That amount of green close to the amount of blue is a breathtaking view that gives you the chance of enjoying everything at the same time.

  1. Souvenirs

And if you want to have something from the original Costa Rican handcrafters, here Is your opportunity. You will have paintings, masks, wooden sculptors, and more. There is an impressive amount artifact and above all, the alcohol. In the souvenir shop, you will find Costa Rican alcohol and the coffee that cannot be bought everywhere it’s exclusively for the area, because of its great value and flavor. There are a lot of different types of coffees to take home and try, this is considering one of the best stops in the 8 in 1 tour.

  1. Local Super Market

The tour guide will give an option; do you want to go to a local supermarket? Yes! That’s the answer. You will be able to take the local coffee, which is equally good and is taken by all Costa Rican on a daily basis. Delicious and awesome, there also a great number of articles that you can replenish for your trip.

  1. City tourCielo-y-nubes-300x225

So, you got a lot of activity from a whole day know the culture and discovering the amazing places Costa Rica has to offer, and BAM! You will be taken through Puntarenas city where the tour guide will explain to you the beautiful church, the streets, and the amazing local market, which has all the food and materials that the locals use on daily basis. An Extraordinary experience that serves to learn about the Costa Rican culture.

To be brief; Costa Rica is an amazing country with lots and lots of places and activities to discover. The 8 in 1 Tour will allow you to experience the real Costa Rica, the real food, the animals, the people and it top of all, you will be able to see everything at the same time.

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