One of the fun things about working in the travel industry is all the people we get to know, from all over the World. Not only usual people but travelers, who like to adventure and see things. Sometimes it just happens, though, those travelers get into embarrassing situations by asking unwise questions. And then…


We all know that traveling requires some brave skills, in many ways. However, there is the usual embarrassment of asking a lot.

It’s entirely logical! We don’t know the country, the people, the culture, the language, not even if we can drink tap water. So, is not unusual to ask a thoughtless question.

In yes thoughtless is the word.

The most intelligent people ask the most senseless questions. So, we decided to make a list of the eight funniest we have heard:

1. On a boat, at sunset in Tortuguero canals.


It is late afternoon and night start to fall; water sounds, impressive sounds around us, a lizard it’s static right over the water, we remain in silence. The moment is simply perfect.

And then, just at the next corner; the moon, yes, a full moon up in the sky, letting herself shown to the public waiting for applause.

The silence is broken, a woman speaks up and loud asking for the tour guide;

-Miss, do you have a moment?

-Yes, of course.

-Tell me something, is this the same moon that we see in Paris?

-Uh? -Everybody on the vessel turns to look at her-

– No, Costa Rica government bought that one at the last sale.

The answer was only a ‘yes’ in surprise

Everybody on the boat retains laughter, and the magic trip continues.

2. Rafting on the Pacuare River.


Everyone is excited, a new and refreshing adventure comes on the way: White water rafting! Pure adrenaline and discovery, everyone is ready, so the guide says “All aboard!”.

A fellow comes to the guide; the guide gives a broad smile and talks to him;

-Hello? How may I help you today?

-Yes, yes. I just wanted to ask something. Tell me, are we going back to this same location on the boat, I mean, is this a loop?



-No, Mr., it isn’t.

3. Walking on the beach.


Sun all above the heads, palm shadows, and some coconut water. The protagonist of this beach trip is the Pacific coast.

The guide takes off her shoes and starts walking through low water, the waves are gentle, a kind breeze flows through the passengers’ group walking on the sand.

A lady approaches the tour guide and asks her;

-Excuse me, can I ask you something? I want to know how high are we above sea level.

-Well? You are close to two inches above and I am about two inches below it.

4. Getting off from a cruise ship to Costa Rica

An enormous cruise gets to the Costa Rica Pacific coast, smiles and happiness, everybody excited, they hop on the bus and ready for the travel.

The guide starts giving the tour, explaining about how Costa Rica was from, the politics, demography, between a few. A tourist raises his hand;

-Mr. Tour guide?

-Hi, Mr. Passenger! How can I help you?

-Hi, I just wanted to know one thing.

-Sure thing.

-How come you don’t offer visits to Nicaragua??

-Well. It’s a long way, and we do not have the time?

-That doesn’t make any sense. Before I went down on the cruise, I saw a Costa Rica map, and it looks close to Nicaragua. Not even two inches on the map.

-Well, sir. The distance is a little different.

5. Why are fish in there?


There are some packages in Costa Rica where you stay close to the beach for some days, you know, that’s what we want, some relaxation, the sun, palm trees, warm breeze, sand, and beach.

At the hotel reception a woman comes and says to the receptionist the following;

Excuse me, excuse me, sir.

-Hello, how may I help you?

-Why are there fish in the sea?

-I beg your pardon.

-I went with my kid to the beach, and they got scared of the fish, the brochure didn’t say a word about that.

-I’m sorry for the inconvenience. But that’s the sea; it has fish.

-Well, you should do something about it.

6. Waiting for the tour.


A visit to Carara National Park, a beautiful sky and a jungle waiting to be discovered, fantastic trails, impressible bridges, and breathtaking fauna.The weather: Hot and humid.

Everyone is enthusiastic, they are on a line, ?waiting to get their tickets. A tour guide is waiting for them.

A gentleman speaks up and says;

-Why is there no air-conditioned in here?

-Well, we are outside.

-They should fix that.

7. In the waterfall


Costa Rica is known for its fantastic waterfalls surrounded by rainforests.

Our tour guide was with his group at the Arenal waterfall. The group was enjoying the pond underneath, the sounds, and the general magic of the place.

The area closes at four in the afternoon, and so, somewhere around 3:30 p.m., the guide started to call the group. One of the students in the group came to him and asked:

  • Is it true that we are leaving because they are closing the waterfall?
  • Yes, in fact.
  • But? Do they turn it off?
  • Ahmmm? no. The trail closes, the parking lot closes, not the waterfall!
  • Ahhh! I got it!

There you have; 7 unwise questions made by passengers. These are some of the questions asked by tourists all around Costa Rica. Have you heard anything similar?

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