You know the drill as a traveler, we go to our favorite search engine and start looking for some tips on how to travel through the country that we are going. We start planning, exploring, hunting for guides, and tips! Well, worry no more! This is the second installment of this little guide on travel trips for you to travel to Costa Rica. If you wish to see the first one, click over here, or go to the very end of the page.

  1. What’s the best place to start your travel in Costa Rica?

Well, this may come as a surprise, but the best way to start your travel in Costa Rica is close to the International Airport Juan Santamaria, in the province of San Jose. This city is a fantastic way for you to move around at one transportation method of distance.

San Jose is the capital of Costa Rica, and because of this, there is transportation to everywhere in the country, is a small city that merges the cultural immersion with nightlife, museums, and parks. You will be able to find hotels, restaurants, markets, and more! Some of the places that we don’t get tired of recommending are the museums, which you can find in abundance in the capital. Here a couple of examples;

  • National Theatre: The architecture was brought from Europe at the end of the XIX Century and established at the center of the San Jose city, it irradiates greatness
  • Jade Museum: Archaeological museum created back in 2014, which has the world’s largest collection of Pre-Columbian Jade, with five floors of exhibits with interactives screens and games for the family, children’s and friends.

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  1. How about the weather?

Weather in Costa Rica is close to impossible to predict, and this is a good thing! You know, normally in tourism there is a high and low season, right? Well, in Costa Rica you get two weather seasons: the sunny season that goes from early November to May, and the rainy season from late may towards October, each one respectively with the high and low season.Rainforest

Costa Rica is great either way, but! We recommend the rainy season, why? You may ask, well there are a lot of factors that will contribute to you to make the right decision. In the low season, you will get short lines for the attractions, because there are not as many people as in the sunny season. There is also more space in the hotels, and with this, better prices, you can be amazed by how the country change from one season to the other one. And is where it comes the positive of the unpredictable! You never know when it’s going to rain! I mean, we know when it rains more and when it rains less, but still, there’s no specific data that can tell us what will happen each day.

So, go for it! When you get to buy you plane tickets, do it in the rainy season, everything in the forest gets alive.

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