This is by far, not only our most popular and affordable tour but the one experience that will allow you to really take a glimpse to fantastic Costa Rica.

It encompasses wildlife, great food, rainforest, fruit tasting, affordable and diverse shopping, and a close and personal encounter with the Costa Ricans famed to be the happiest people in the World.
It starts by going to a private area where the cute and well known white-faced monkeys come to play every day. It is a great chance to see wildlife in its purest state.
After being enchanted by these amazing creatures, you will be taken to the fruit towns. An area where the sweetest and best tropical fruits are produced. Try them from the hands of smiling agricultures proud to share their crops with our visitors.
Once you try the soft and fresh tastes of the tropics you will be taken to the wild side… Getting on a safe and comfortable pontoon you will be gliding on the Tarcoles River. This well-known waterway holds the largest population of American Crocodiles in Central America. But it is not only about these fantastic dinosaurs like creatures! It is a great tour for pure naturalists, birdwatchers and photographers… You will enjoy, among several other species of birds, herons, egrets, roseate spoonbills, and other wonders like iguanas and basilisks (Named also Jesus Christ lizards for their ability to walk on water).
After all this excitement, time for lunch comes in! And you will try one of the best local restaurants in the coastal region. With fresh meats, vegetables, and fruits your lunch will not only be nourishing but also totally delicious!
And after lunch… here comes shopping! The products are excellent and the prices great. Clean and well distributed, this store is diverse and the prices are affordable. And we will end the shopping going to a real Costa Rican supermarket where you will be able to buy our coffee with our prices.
To end this great day you will be taken through the city of Puntarenas, the first port Costa Rica ever had in history, you will be taught about its traditions and its particular culture and this as well as the place where your cruise will be waiting for you.
At the end of this fantastic day, you will feel like your visit to Costa Rica was much longer and deeper than one day only… for all you will see and live!

What is included?

  • Luxurious Transportation.
  • Bilingual Guide
  • Lunch
  • Jungle Safari Boat
  • White-Faced Capuchin Monkeys sighting area visit
  • Fruit stand tasting
  • Great shopping

What to bring?

  • Walking shoes are better since there will be some standing periods. The tour has no strenuous walking however for your comfort we suggest that on all tours we operate you wear comfortable shoes.
  • Camera… even if it is on your cell phone… The pictures you might take here are really a once in a lifetime chance.
  • Light jacket or sweater. Our buses have A/C and in some units it cannot be regulated to the comfort of all our passengers. So, if you are cold blooded better to bring something for it. Outside of the bus? … Naaahh! We are in the tropical lowlands…
  • Binoculars if you have them
  • Bring some cash. Sometimes you may like to buy some more fruit or something in a small stand where they don’t take credit cards. U.S. Dollars are taken everywhere.
Euros may present a slighter problem sometimes.

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