This is a great chance to see Costa Rica on a glimpse!

We depart from the Pacific Port pier and drive all the way to an area where you will enjoy the interaction with wild and free White Faced Monkeys.

As you might already know these small mammals are omnivorous (They can eat mostly anything!) and this first part of the tour is to an area where they find some of the best sources for their diet. They are used to deal with people and you might end up getting the picture of a monkey on your head.

As we come out from that one particular and exciting area we will be stopping at a fruit stand and taste some of the most delicious tropical fruits. Flavors that you may not know yet and flavors to discover and get fascinated!

And afterward… Adventure comes in! We will take you to the most famous bridge in Costa Rica… The Tarcoles River Bridge! The crocodiles’ bridge! You will be guided to an area in the bridge where you can take a look at dozens of wild crocodiles taking sunbaths on the sandbanks.

And well! All good things come to an end!

On the way back to the pier but still on the most amazing green area we find some of the best shopping in Costa Rica. We will give you some time to get the proof that you were in Costa Rica!

And take some beauties to your family and friends.

And right before the pier we will have a sighseeing tour in the city of Puntarenas… Where our Tour guide will tell you all the stories of this singular port.

What is included?

  • Luxurious Transportation
  • Bilingual Specialized Tour Guide
  • Fruit Stand tasting
  • White Faced Monkeys interaction
  • Crocodile Bridge visit
  • Best Shopping areas
  • Puntaernas Sightseeing Tour

What to bring?

  • Comfortable Hiking Shoes
  • Rain Poncho or similar
  • Credit Cards And/or Cash

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