The Crocodile Safari and Canopy Tour is an amazing cocktail of adventure, rainforest, and wildlife sightings offer a great opportunity for those who want to experience nature at its best… This is fun!

As you depart from the pier, the coastal road will take you to a landscape of smooth hills and evergreen trees. However, Costa Rica, as small as it is, shows amazing changes from one mile to the next. So, get ready for different landscapes in every curve of this winding road.

You will start with the unforgettable crocodile safari. This trip is a relaxing yet exhilarating experience, since as you glide down the river or through the mangroves the feeling is extremely tranquil, spotting beautiful aquatic birds here and there, and enjoying the amazing green shades all around… that is until you see a great American Crocodile floating near to the safe pontoon where you are… or on a beach, open mouth, taking a sunbath.

Only the experience will tell you the feeling… However, we may try with expressions such as Gee! Wow! Man! and other similar!

The feeling is unique! And impossible to describe!

As you finish this part of the tour you may think that you have lived the one adventure… But no! This is only the beginning!

You will go to a local restaurant for a delicious typical lunch and talk about the great life experience you just had…

And then! Adrenaline!

The rainforest is a magnificent life system. Not only interesting and indispensable for life on the planet, but it is so beautiful! And it is on the tops of the trees where life is at its best!

From the insects to the mammals, the greatest place to see the rainforest is definitely its canopy… And the best way to fly like a raptor is definitely through a rainforest.

If the crocodile sighting feeling is fantastic... flying through the tops of the trees on the jungle might be one of the most memorable experiences of your life. The wind on your face, the emptiness underneath, the freedom feeling, and the breathtaking views make the Canopy Tours an indispensable life experience.

Now… this incredible feeling is accompanied with the highest safety for you: The equipment is 100% certified for adventure tours, and we use some of the best brands in the business and care for the equipment on a day-to-day basis, as well as maintaining daily tabs to control the use of the equipment.

The main cables are wide, which exceeds the regular standards of 3/8 and our platforms are an average of 7×7 feet in diameter and can handle more than 15 people at once.

What to bring?

For the Canopy Tour:

  • If long hair is your thing, please bring a ponytail band with you since your hair can be entangled with the zip line and this can turn into a painful incident for you.
  • Regarding shoes… Closed shoes, hopefully walking or hiking. No flip flops whatsoever.
  • No short pants are recommended since the harness goes on the waist and hips, and if the shorts are too short, it can bruise your skin.
  • Repellent and Sunscreen. You will be in the rainforest, and in the tropics. And even if you will be under a roof (On the boat) and under the canopy (In the forest) the UV tropical sun rays trespass anything. On the other hand, mosquitoes are the lords and owners of the rainforest. You are a visitor. So, simply wear your repellent.
  • Don’t have any sharp objects, such as keys or pens in your pockets.
  • Camera, please bring it in the case and keep it close to your body, not dangling on a strap.
  • If you want to bring a rain jacket is fine. However, rain ponchos are not recommended.
  • If you want to bring light and a small backpack it is fine. No purses or similar can be taken on the portion of the canopy tour.
  • And certainly… Your appetite and credit cards!

Euros may present a slighter problem sometimes.

What is included?

  • Luxurious Transportation
  • Bilingual Specialized Tour Guide
  • Tarcoles River pontoon tour
  • Delicious Typical Lunch
  • Tractor ride to the?first platform
  • Canopy Tour
  • Insurance
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