Deciding on a destination is always complicated. As often happens on trips longer than a week, since usually, we can only do one each year and the budget is usually higher than the rest, you must do the research and be quite sure which is the best option. In this post, we will tell you some tips that will help you in choosing Costa Rica as your next destination.

First, if you are attracted more about the city than nature better we have some other blog post that might interest you (Click Here). But if you like sports and nature when you read some of Costa Rica, you can no longer avert this fate of your agenda, because is relatively easy to decide. Here, we present some key points that you should consider before choosing your next destination.

1) Landscapes

The 25% of Costa Rica territory consists of natural parks or protected territory. This is really a great example of a country that has taken advantage of the natural resources, we have exploited them focusing as well on tourism. Natural areas are scattered throughout its geography making possible a genuine path of national parks.

But a detail that we think is very important is the diversity of ecosystems. In Costa Rica, we can find many types of nature. There are jungle areas and rainforest-like Monteverde. Every few minutes, on the road, you can find new locations, Like the Arenal Volcano, jungle by the sea in Manuel Antonio, and magic rivers in Tortuguero.


2) Fauna

It’s one thing not all have much in mind before coming, but you will be surprised when you arrive. You may never have a trip such as this one, where you can see so many animals in the wild. Without looking for them, they come to us. You can also exploit this aspect by making a night excursion to the jungle or sail at dawn through the canals of Tortuguero. With a good aim, you take amazing photos.

3) Sports

In a country with so much nature like this one, it is very easy to find excuses for sports. You could do some trekking or fly among the clouds with the canopy paths. And when we say flying, that’s exactly what you fell by sliding on a valley between two mountains through the low clouds.descarga

4) Services

Costa Rica is prepared for tourism. This means you can find more or less affordable accommodations or extraordinary hotels. Some of the best locations have a great variety of hotels and resorts in which you can enjoy lots of amenities, such as hot springs, delicious restaurants, and some of the better spas in Latin-American.

5) Transportation

What at first may seem like a problem, where all the road goes directly to forest tracks, you realized it is one of the attractions of the country. Having the capability of crisscross the country in a jeep will be fun all time. If you like traveling, we recommend touring the country this way.

6) Extension country

This point is related to the previous one. We will indicate the advantage of the small size of the country. The fact that it is a small country with such diversity puts in the hands of your steering wheel all this diversity. Really, you can travel all over the country without aircraft or any means of transportation such as trains. This fact gives you freedom of movement that you will like on any trip.Santa-Elena-1

7) Security

Costa Rica is a country without an army and was one of the first nations to abolish it in 1948. This detail gives a glimpse of the country as security. As a result, you will have no problem to tour the country in all kinds of off-road locations. Another detail is a large number of US visitors there. There are also a lot of US companies installed here.

8) His people

Leaving aside nature, to get into the virtues of their society. It may sound like a cliche but really, of all the none will you be treated as in Costa Rica. The ethics and culture are one of the warmest, polite, respectful, and friendly you will ever meet.

So, this is some of the reasons for you to visit Costa Rica. What do you think? When are you coming?

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