Why Costa Rica?

Costa Rica has does seasons, dry and rainy, the dry season runs from December to April, most of the travelers come on that one, avoiding the rainy season.

Cielo-y-nubes-300x225However, the rainy season offers some of the best benefits that vacationers and eco-tourist looking for a Unique Costa Rica, and experience the protected rainforest all over the country, like the well-known Manuel Antonio National Park. In this list, you will find some of the reasons why to visit beautiful Country Costa Rica is in the rainy season.

About the weather.

Yes, it rains in the rainy season and, A lot! But, this doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to see the sun. Normally, in the central valley, you can get an incredibly sunny day and then some rain in the evening, also it happened that you get some patch of sunny days with and eventually rainy day in the middle. The rainiest month of it all in October, but still it comes with everything said before.

It’s all about green.

Mother Earth is great, and Costa Rica may be one of its favorites. Normally Costa Rica is rich in flora, fauna, eco-tourism in general, and the best time to find the best of Costa Rica is in the rainy season. Everything gets a fresh green color that gives life to landscapes. More rain means that plants prosper and for nature lovers this is the best part of the year, saying goodbye to all the dust and the jungle flush lushness.

Economy wise.

Because of the common belief of travel to Costa Rica in the dry season, the rainy season is when all prices drop-down, and it is easier to find hotels, rent-a-cars, tours, between a few. This makes easier for your wallet to have the best vacations in one of the countries with most biodiversity over the world.

There are no people.

Because one of the reasons mentioned before, where people don’t travel as much as they do on Costa Rica dry season, you will always be able to avoid crowds. Anyone who has stood in one of the Costa Rica attractions, such as the national parks, they are really busy on ‘High-season’ weekends. And they are hard to enjoy, locations like beaches and forests, are normally places that can be overrun by camera and tourism, and when most of the wildlife hide. Visiting Costa Rica during the rainy season, not only will let you see Costa Rica flora and fauna relaxed and comfortable, but you also will enjoy beaches, forests, and meals in the best way possible.

Enjoy the showManuel-Antonio-National-park-view_3-300x208

You can always enjoy the show from the conformity of your restaurant or hotel. Thunderstorms on the beach and behind the mountains are one of the astonishing sights in the world, this incredible display happens only in the rainy season. The storms are powerful and mighty, so after a great morning breakfast on the beach, lie down in a hammock, enjoy your day, and then delight in the marvelous show that nature offers.

Sleep well.

It doesn’t matter if it is on the beach, mountain or downtown in the city, there is nothing better than sleeping with the soothing sound of rainfall outside while being under the blankets of your bed.

Comfortable Temperatures.

Rainy seasons have one of the most comfortable temperatures yet. Costa Rica’s dry season is really hot and humid as well. For those who like a more moderate temperature, the rainy season is the best. There is a few degrees drop in the rainy season and that makes all the difference, the air is still nice and warm, but not as hot as in the dry season.

About the fruits.

Because Costa Rica is a tropical country, because of that it has abundant natural fruit and vegetables, and some of them are only available fresh for the rainy season. An excellent example is a mango, they can be eaten in several ways, and in some areas you are literally able to pick them up from the floor or rip them from the trees nearby.

How to enjoy the ocean.

Surfing-CR-300x225Costa Rica has a fame for its wonderful surfing waves all along the Caribbean and Pacific Coasts, in the rainy season you can easily enjoy the better waves to surf, is one of the best seasons to do it, the waves get longer and bigger, excellent for those passionate surfers around the world.

Wake up with a glorious fresh air.

Because it rains mostly in the evening, you can wake up and experience the rainy season mornings. This is a magical way to experience Costa Rica, with the sun rising and the cloud clearing the way, get some coffee and watch the jungle getting alive in the morning with the freshness and inhale the great and cool, fragrant air.

So, what are you waiting for? Come along and enjoy the beautiful weather that Costa Rica has to offer, get drinks, food, and best hotels in town while relaxing and enjoying vacations.

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