Costa Rica is a really small country, it has 51,000 km2 of land, and it’s located between Nicaragua at the north and Panama at the southeast. By the size that Costa Rica has is has an amazing diverse map, in topographic terms. We have two oceans, the Atlantic and the Pacific, plus seven provinces which give lots of everything, from volcanoes to some of the most spectacular landscapes in Central America. O this opportune we are going to speak a little bit about the Fauna and flora of the country,

Costa Rica is abundant in fauna and Flora, because of the number and species variety that it has. It’s an impressive place where you can find a little of everything, from bromeliads to hummingbirds, seeing sloths, and admiring crocodiles in the river.


Insects, an elemental part of the Costa Rica Flora and Fauna, with over 35.000 different species, and still, up t this day, we discover more and more. The country is the owner of more than 10% of the butterfly species in the world. A well as more than 20,000 spider species (Only a handful represent any danger to humans), there are also ants, and a huge variety indeed, fire ants, leafcutters, bullets ants, between some. This can be found everywhere in the country and be part of the Flora and Fauna of it, it really gives an abundant perspective of what you can discover on the country land.

There are also the Mosquitoes, a bite won’t kill you. But is good to take some precautions about it by using repellent always when you go hiking, in a boat, or if you enter any jungle in particular.


The amphibians are represented by the dozens of species of frogs and toads, most of which you’re more likely to hear than to see., but as well there are more than 180 amphibian species in the country and all of them are part of its flora and fauna. Six of the world’s eight species of marine turtle’s nest on Costa Rica’s, and you can see turtles laying eggs on the Costa Rica beaches, on the nesting time. Tortuguero National Park (On the Caribbean side), is one of fewer than places in the world that the green turtle considers clean enough and safe enough to lay its eggs. Although green turtles were once abundant throughout the Caribbean


The Flora and Fauna in Costa Rica give you more than 220 species of reptilians, half of them are snakes. Also, if you are waiting to see crocodiles and caimans (Crocodile’s cousins). Both species are easily seen in the wet lowlands, like the Tortuguero canals, especially in small creeks, beaches, and mangroves.iguana-286669_960_720

The most common reptile you’ll see is the tree-dwelling iguana, which is a little afraid of man and can grow to a meter in length (Impressive thing to see, they seem like little dragons). You can see them in all kinds of forest habitats, crawling through the forest leaves or waiting for long hours on branches that hang over the water, even on the road! You can see them pass through.


Although Costa Rica is a small country, it is bird-rich and has a huge number of species for the area The Costa Rica flora and fauna is a paradise for the bird watchers around the world, Costa Rica has become one of the worldwide more known country’s with biodiverse activity, including in this the bird species, by having more than 900 of those. All of the birdwatcher that comes visit us with finding delight in diving in the forest and overcoming their expectative. To see them, the normal trajectory to follow is looking for movement in branches and look for fruits, because that’s where they eat.

The Official List of the Birds of Costa Rica by the Costa Rican Rare Birds and Records Committee of the Asociación Ornitológica de Costa Rica contains 915 species. Over an area of 51,100 km2, an area smaller than West Virginia, this is the greatest density of bird species of any continental American country. (More information)

Birds you can find in Costa Rica

Marine Animals

There are lots of species of marine animals in Costa Rica for example, the previously mention Sea Turtles, that from February to October you can have the opportunity to see them nesting either on the Pacific or Caribbean part of the country. This alone Is definitely one occasion that worth the visit.

There are also whales, and the Costa Rica Flora and fauna is a prime place where to see them. The best place is on the north side and can be seen between July and March, together with dolphins that with boat tours, if you are lucky enough, they will follow the boat while coming out of the water with jumps.

Terrestrial Mammals

Costa Rica has an impressive variety of terrestrial mammals, including little cats, coyotes, sloths, monkeys (like howler or capuchin) and the friendly coatis, which you will find everywhere in Costa Rica, some of them have become almost domestic and you have to be careful when you eat close to them, sometimes they steal your food, which is not good, for their diet, and well, the lack of yours.



Because of Costa Rica’s weather, it’s an excellent house for plants from all over the Word, and an amazing number of local ones like Bromeliads, Helicons, Gingers, Orchids, between a few.


So, there you have it. Costa Rica Flora and fauna give an infinite amount of opportunities to enjoy, see, and get amazed by.

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