christmas-tree-1853582_960_720In Costa Rica, Christmas is one of the most awaited days in the year, and because we are getting close to the most festive part of the year we are going to talk a little bit about it.

With more than sixteen weeks without the rainy season, kids out for vacation, and the employees getting the Aguinaldo (extra money at the end of the year) from their employer, Costa Rica becomes in an excellent place where to get all the joy and happiness that Costa Rica can give.

Right now, we are going to tell you about some of the things that you can enjoy doing in the country while Christmas is in the air.


Houses are adorned with a tropical flower, Christmas trees, wreaths, and more, such as the nativity scenes, or as it called in Costa Rica a ‘Portal’ or ‘Pasitos’ which is a display outside and insides the houses, all of it with a Costa Rican Pura Vida Touch!

Trees, such as cypress, are used as Christmas trees, we also use the natural or synthetic pine. Sometimes they use dried coffee or evergreen branches if they’re available. There is also a tree, which is believed to be one of the most iconic trees in Costa Rica, that is at the San Jose Children?s Hospital, and year by year it gives lots of smiles to the little ones when the lights get turned on,birth-1178159_960_720

Christmas wreaths are also made of dried cypress branches, and they are located with red coffee berries and ribbons.

Not only houses can be found decorated, or get to be vibrant and colorful during this time of the year, Christmas is very important and buildings and other infrastructures are also decorated.

Festivals, Parades, and Events.

Christmas is celebrated in Costa Rica not only with families. Throughout Costa Rica, there are lots of events, parades, festivals, gatherings, and so much more that you feel the Christmas spirit almost anywhere you go.

The following are just some of the events you can witness if ever you are in Costa Rica:

Festival de la Luz:

This may be the main parade in the entire Costa Rican Land where floats are made by the biggest companies in the country, all compete and pass along the roads with bands playing the loudest and most beautiful Christmas songs. A display of fireworks can then be seen from high above the capital of the country, San Jose. This is a parade watched during night time where floats of many colors and designs are shown off for everyone to see. Thousands of dozens of Christmases lights reign over the crowds in ‘el Festival de la Luz’ that’s why it’s said to be the favorite of both locals and tourists.

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El Tope:

This parade mainly focuses on ox carts, horses, and horse carriages intricately designed by Costa Rican locals and artisans. Tropical colors come to life as these carts, and horses walk around the town, including marching bands, clowns, and of course, floats.

El Carnival:

This is where you’ll be seeing the beautiful people of Costa Rica graced in colorful and beautiful costumes, show off their dancing skills and their ability at musical instruments to win the grand prize.

The Christmas Feast

Costa Ricans are also well-known for their gastronomical and scrumptious food and it’s no wonder almost limitless plates of empanadas, tamales, and pupusas (tortillas made of chicken, grilled pork, and other ingredients) are served with the family, and with visitors. Fruits are also a vital part of the Costa Rican food that they’d usually top off their late dinner with grapes and bananas.tamales-993004_960_720

You will truly feel the Christmas spirit among the friendly, warm, and hospitable people of Costa Rica if you get to celebrate this festive season with them. So, if you’re in town for a taste of Christmas in Costa Rica, you shouldn’t miss this once-in-a-year opportunity to feel and be part of a home away from home.

So, these are some of the best know traditions and local festivities that can be enjoyed in Costa Rica. Come for Christmas and enjoy all the festivities!


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